ID: A crude MS Paint drawing of a sheeplike bipedal figure sitting on a ledge. Mostly colorless except red shirt and gray pants on the sheep. Graffiti on a wall reads "CATWOOL WAS HERE XOXO" beneath a drawing of a grinning horned cat.

rocky's carrd

small artist, this is just as a get-to-know-me or why you shouldn't.

who am i?

my name is rocky. i do not care about my gender or sexuality and do not mind whatever you choose to call me. i have processing issues, although it's yet to be diagnosed where they're coming from. please be gentle with me.

do not interact with me if:

(i am aware this in many cases will not ward said people off. that is okay. i know how to use a block button.)

  • you are any kind of xenophobic, racist, queerphobic, etc

  • you are a terf (i already said queerphobic but yk)

  • your blog is porn-based (i can handle suggestive content, but no explicit stuff please)

  • you're uncomfortable with the following: swearing, suggestive jokes, and themes of child abuse/mental illness/other darker subjects in media.

my interests

  • eddsworld (my og posts will mostly be my own au for it, Darstry Coves. i might open an ask blog here and then transport it to a separate account)

  • smile for me

  • warrior cats (i have not read past the prophecies begin because the copy of midnight in our library has gone missing and i like to read in a way i will understand)

  • ut/dr (undertale/deltarune

  • oc

  • omori

  • "furry" (i'm not in the furry fandom but i draw art that would widely be considered to be furries)

  • madness combat (yes i found it through the fnf fandom. no i am no longer "in the fnf fandom" (i never really was that much))

  • changed (kind of. it's an old-lived interest now but i enjoy the concept)

  • whatever else i cant remember

where else you can find me

i got other places too i guess